It’s Still Scotland’s Oil

The condescending comments by the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond that 'Scotland gets its fair share, and precious little thanks we get for it' are appalling but they highlight the mentality of the British Government. Thanks to the National a lot more Scots are aware of the lost generation of Scots who were robbed of the investment … Continue reading It’s Still Scotland’s Oil

Brexit End Game

This week – assuming the Prime Minister doesn’t pull another stunt – will see the final votes on Brexit. The Prime Minister has failed to convince/ bully/ bribe (delete as appropriate) a sufficient number of MPs to back her deal.  If she sticks to her promises (there’s always a first time) we could end up … Continue reading Brexit End Game

Are you talking to me?

There is a very interesting blog on the Random Public Journal called, "Quit talking to the BBC" that is definitely worth reading. This blog examines the historic role and mission of the BBC and how this relates to the way this organisation frames any political debate that is counter to the BBC's support for the … Continue reading Are you talking to me?

Sustainable Growth Commission: towards Independence or Infighting?

The Yes campaign was not, is not and will never be a movement where everyone agrees on everything. How could it be? From those who favour a left wing socialist Scotland to those who align with the more conservative ideals of Michael Fry, the movement for Scotland’s Independence covers a wide array of political viewpoints … Continue reading Sustainable Growth Commission: towards Independence or Infighting?

Labour won’t save us from Tory rule, we have to do it ourselves

For anyone thinking that Jeremy Corbyn was going to rescue us from the Tories, it’s time to open your eyes. Some on the left who claim to support Scottish Independence were promoting Jeremy Corbyn as some sort of antidote to Tory rule.  It was the same old Labour tactic of give us another shot to make the … Continue reading Labour won’t save us from Tory rule, we have to do it ourselves