Send in the Clowns!

So, the latest wheeze from the Tories to save the Union, is to pack up Prince and plank them down in Holyrood Palace in Scotland to make us all feel more British! Clown Prince coming to Scotland? Honestly who comes out with this nonsense?  Is it really a bunch of out of touch Tory politicians … Continue reading Send in the Clowns!

Bin the Beeb!

It’s great to see SNP MP’s calling for action against the BBC, with their letter to the new Director General, highlighting their concerns about that organisation’s work in Scotland. Although they have an action plan in place which could see leading a mass campaign of non-payment of the TV tax (licence) I fear they are … Continue reading Bin the Beeb!

Border Warfare

Scotland (along with Wales and Northern Ireland) is making headway in eliminating Coronavirus (Covid-19) with some experts predicting that this virus could be all but eliminated by the end of the summer.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s gone completely or won’t come back but it means that with a careful track and trace approach to … Continue reading Border Warfare

Are you willing to die to save the economy?

Because that’s what the Tories want! In a desperate bid to increase his profile so that even some of his own party members will recognise him, Jackson Carlaw MSP – current leader of the Tories in Scotland – wants the Scottish Government to throw caution to the wind and ease all the current coronavirus restrictions. … Continue reading Are you willing to die to save the economy?

The same lies every year….

It’s groundhog day again – that time of year when the UK Government release the GERS figures (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) proclaiming that Scotland has a black hole in its finances. In reality these made up figures are simply a propaganda tool by the UK Government to make Scots think they can’t run their … Continue reading The same lies every year….

Three Strikes and you’re out!

  Or the Prime Minister Theresa May should be, but she’s still hanging on in (so far). But the time is up. Not just for Theresa May and trying to save the UK from itself over Brexit. Theresa May has had her third knock back in a row from the House of Commons and it’s … Continue reading Three Strikes and you’re out!