New research published on today’s guitar players

Guitar giant Fender has released a new study examining the guitar playing market in the USA and UK. Partnered with research firm Egg Strategy and award-winning neuroscientist David Levitin the study reveals that: 72% of respondents picked up a guitar to gain a life skill or as a means of self-betterment 42% of respondents viewed … Continue reading New research published on today’s guitar players

Gibson guitars file for bankruptcy

This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention.  Gibson was in serious debt and the strategy of trying to turn it into some kind of consumer brand company failed miserably and even the reputation of their guitars suffered as the quality diminished.  Last gasp efforts like the modern flying V were … Continue reading Gibson guitars file for bankruptcy

SRV’s first guitar sells for $250,000

It’s a shame my guitar budget couldn’t stretch to match the final sale price of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ‘Jimbo’ No-caster guitar which was sold at auction recently for $250,000! This was Stevie’s first professional guitar which he received from his brother Jimmie to stop him from ‘borrowing’ his other guitars (without his permission). This 1951 … Continue reading SRV’s first guitar sells for $250,000