Don’t trust Labour on devolution

Power devolved is power retained – or so the old saying goes.  The UK Government can always over-rule a devolved government, forcing them to do as they want rather than want the members of the devolved parliament prefer. The British Labour Party is a reluctant supporter of devolution, it was their MPs who, in 1979, … Continue reading Don’t trust Labour on devolution

Part Time Parliamentarians

Plenty has been written about the archaic procedures within the House of Commons, especially the bizarre routine of voting by marching through lobbies, but the established UK parties weren’t that bothered about it.  If anyone said let’s move forward to a modern method of electronic voting, not only will it speed up the voting process, … Continue reading Part Time Parliamentarians

Devolution is Dead: Dissolve the Union

The past couple of days have highlighted the contempt in which Scotland is held by British Nationalist politicians. All the promises of the infamous Vow of 2014 have been abandoned as have the calls for Scotland to ‘lead not leave’ the UK. The shambolic Brexit debate severely limited the time allowed to discuss the implications … Continue reading Devolution is Dead: Dissolve the Union

Would you trust the Tories with our Parliament?

I think most people in Scotland wouldn't.  Nor would we have much faith in their Brit Nat pals in the Labour and Lib Dem parties.  After all they didn't exactly keep to the promises they made in their infamous vow during the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum. Yet according to most of the mainstream media (and … Continue reading Would you trust the Tories with our Parliament?