Bin the Beeb!

It’s great to see SNP MP’s calling for action against the BBC, with their letter to the new Director General, highlighting their concerns about that organisation’s work in Scotland. Although they have an action plan in place which could see leading a mass campaign of non-payment of the TV tax (licence) I fear they are … Continue reading Bin the Beeb!

Politics before lives

Only a self-centred politician like Lord George Foulkes would revel in the disgraceful decision of the BBC in Scotland to cancel the live screenings of the First Minister’s Covid-19 briefings. Lord George Foulkes couldn't contain his bladder at the news of the FM's briefings being cancelled Just as new outbreaks of the virus starts hitting … Continue reading Politics before lives

Tory MSP wants to keep public in dark over Coronavirus

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser wants the BBC to stop broadcasting the daily coronavirus briefings from the Scottish Government.  He claims that it’s 'a 30-minute party political broadcast by the SNP, with no opportunity for a response by any other party or contrary views expressed'. Let’s start with the obvious. These are not party-political broadcasts by … Continue reading Tory MSP wants to keep public in dark over Coronavirus

BBC still manipulating the news

BBC Scotland’s Sarah Smith highlighted yet again why journalists are so poorly trusted within Scotland. Her attempts to smear the First Minister by saying (twice apparently) that Nicola Sturgeon was ‘enjoying’ the pandemic as she could set her own lockdown rules, different from the rest of the UK.  Of course, as the First Minister pointed … Continue reading BBC still manipulating the news

Boycott the Beeb

There is an online campaign to encourage everyone to boycott the BBC on Friday 21st June to show the public’s anger at the corporation for removing the free TV licence for all pensioners over 75 years old. To be fair though this was a decision forced on the BBC by the current Tory Government in … Continue reading Boycott the Beeb

The Imaginary World of Ruth Davidson

In Ruth’s World all reality has been turned upside down. In Ruth’s World all that is good is really bad. In Ruth’s World she is a potential First Minister. In the same way that television makes instant celebrities of nobodies who feature on tawdry game shows, BBC Scotland has created their own, media-friendly politician.  One … Continue reading The Imaginary World of Ruth Davidson