Leaders Debate – I’ve got my letter ready!

It is unsurprising that the SNP lost its legal case to insist on Nicola Sturgeon taking part in the so-called Leaders Debate.  Yet again Scottish voters are treated with contempt.  However, this time I'm not going to simply moan about it - this time I'll be taking a note of all the companies who advertise … Continue reading Leaders Debate – I’ve got my letter ready!

Just another Greedy Tory

Ruth Davidson got her pals in the media to try to scam the public into believing she was a different type of Tory. They pushed the line that she was the saviour of the Tory party managing to get their support in Scotland up to around the level of Thatcher (i.e. not very much at … Continue reading Just another Greedy Tory

The Petulant Prime Minister

petulant: /ˈpɛtjʊl(ə)nt/ adjective (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered. "he was moody and petulant" If the reports from the BBC and others concerning the Prime Minister’s letter to the EU regarding a Brexit extension are true, then we really do have the most petulant Prime Minister in history.  A spoiled, little rich … Continue reading The Petulant Prime Minister

We know who the real extremists are!

So, the new Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack MP, has claimed he sees no difference between the SNP and xenophobic, nationalist movements abroad.  He went on to describe the SNP as extremists and needing an enemy to thrive. That’s some claim, especially coming from a Tory MP – who until his ascension to … Continue reading We know who the real extremists are!