Look a squirrel! time for a distraction

As the failures of Boris Johnson's Tory Government pile up, from failure to protect people from Covid -19, failure to access supplies of PPE (and excluding everyone apart from England from certain supplies) and now the complete failure of the English Contract Tracing App it is necessary for them to find distractions.  They need to … Continue reading Look a squirrel! time for a distraction

Are you willing to die to save the economy?

Because that’s what the Tories want! In a desperate bid to increase his profile so that even some of his own party members will recognise him, Jackson Carlaw MSP – current leader of the Tories in Scotland – wants the Scottish Government to throw caution to the wind and ease all the current coronavirus restrictions. … Continue reading Are you willing to die to save the economy?

We’re all Mugs … if we believe Cummings and Johnston!

In order to explain why he broke the rules surrounding the Covid -19 lockdown, the Prime Minister’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings also broke the rules for Special Advisers by holding a press conference. Not for him some dusty corridor in Whitehall, only the Rose Garden at No.10 was good enough. This area is usually reserved … Continue reading We’re all Mugs … if we believe Cummings and Johnston!

BBC still manipulating the news

BBC Scotland’s Sarah Smith highlighted yet again why journalists are so poorly trusted within Scotland. Her attempts to smear the First Minister by saying (twice apparently) that Nicola Sturgeon was ‘enjoying’ the pandemic as she could set her own lockdown rules, different from the rest of the UK.  Of course, as the First Minister pointed … Continue reading BBC still manipulating the news

Does Boris want more deaths?

The change in the Covid -19 message from a clear Stay at Home to a weak, wishy-washy, Stay Alert - will lead to more covid -19 deaths according to many health professionals (as highlighted in today's National) Boris Johnson and his cronies have effectivley downgraded the seriousness of the Covid -19 message; even going so … Continue reading Does Boris want more deaths?