Never Trust a Tory

The latest moves by the UK Tory Government to renege on the EU Withdrawal legislation will come as no surprise to followers of Scottish politics and merely highlights the old saying of ‘Never Trust a Tory’. Despite being told prior to the UK General Election in December 2019 that the Tories had an ‘oven ready’ … Continue reading Never Trust a Tory

Politics before lives

Only a self-centred politician like Lord George Foulkes would revel in the disgraceful decision of the BBC in Scotland to cancel the live screenings of the First Minister’s Covid-19 briefings. Lord George Foulkes couldn't contain his bladder at the news of the FM's briefings being cancelled Just as new outbreaks of the virus starts hitting … Continue reading Politics before lives

They came, they saw, they ran scarpered!

Tory Chancellor Rushi Sunak MP became the latest BritNat politician to have a fleeting visit to Scotland.  As per the usual Tory script even talk of Scottish Independence was off the table, apparently the Tories are too busy lining the pockets of their supporters with dodgy contracts outwith of any proper scrutiny to allow the … Continue reading They came, they saw, they ran scarpered!

Thanks for your help … now F**k Off!

That may not be the exact language used by Tory Home Secretary Priti Patel but that’s clearly the intention from the UK Tory Government. In the same way that the Tories shafted NHS staff over the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, they’ve now turned their viciousness onto social care staff. In announcing their new immigration rules the … Continue reading Thanks for your help … now F**k Off!

Border Warfare

Scotland (along with Wales and Northern Ireland) is making headway in eliminating Coronavirus (Covid-19) with some experts predicting that this virus could be all but eliminated by the end of the summer.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s gone completely or won’t come back but it means that with a careful track and trace approach to … Continue reading Border Warfare

Tory MSP wants to keep public in dark over Coronavirus

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser wants the BBC to stop broadcasting the daily coronavirus briefings from the Scottish Government.  He claims that it’s 'a 30-minute party political broadcast by the SNP, with no opportunity for a response by any other party or contrary views expressed'. Let’s start with the obvious. These are not party-political broadcasts by … Continue reading Tory MSP wants to keep public in dark over Coronavirus