Brexit End Game

This week – assuming the Prime Minister doesn’t pull another stunt – will see the final votes on Brexit. The Prime Minister has failed to convince/ bully/ bribe (delete as appropriate) a sufficient number of MPs to back her deal.  If she sticks to her promises (there’s always a first time) we could end up … Continue reading Brexit End Game

SNP Civil War 2: MSM Lies continue

Last year the mainstream media, led by BBC ‘Scotland’ decided that there was a Civil War within the SNP. They tried desperately to construct this story, looking under every rock to find something, anything to prove their theory.  Unfortunately for them they faced ridicule across social media as SNP members and supporters started to take … Continue reading SNP Civil War 2: MSM Lies continue

Are you talking to me?

There is a very interesting blog on the Random Public Journal called, "Quit talking to the BBC" that is definitely worth reading. This blog examines the historic role and mission of the BBC and how this relates to the way this organisation frames any political debate that is counter to the BBC's support for the … Continue reading Are you talking to me?

Another Hiccup for Mundell!

I don’t drink gin but I know someone who does.  They like to try as many as possible but particularly favour trying Scottish gins, after all Scotland now produces something like 70% of all the gins made in the UK.  You would think that many Scots would favour their local produce, after all it helps … Continue reading Another Hiccup for Mundell!

Devolution is Dead: Dissolve the Union

The past couple of days have highlighted the contempt in which Scotland is held by British Nationalist politicians. All the promises of the infamous Vow of 2014 have been abandoned as have the calls for Scotland to ‘lead not leave’ the UK. The shambolic Brexit debate severely limited the time allowed to discuss the implications … Continue reading Devolution is Dead: Dissolve the Union

Sustainable Growth Commission: towards Independence or Infighting?

The Yes campaign was not, is not and will never be a movement where everyone agrees on everything. How could it be? From those who favour a left wing socialist Scotland to those who align with the more conservative ideals of Michael Fry, the movement for Scotland’s Independence covers a wide array of political viewpoints … Continue reading Sustainable Growth Commission: towards Independence or Infighting?