The Imaginary World of Ruth Davidson

In Ruth’s World all reality has been turned upside down. In Ruth’s World all that is good is really bad. In Ruth’s World she is a potential First Minister. In the same way that television makes instant celebrities of nobodies who feature on tawdry game shows, BBC Scotland has created their own, media-friendly politician.  One … Continue reading The Imaginary World of Ruth Davidson

Can’t see the Wood for the Trees!

The poor state of UK politics can be highlighted in the reactions of the two main Brit Nat parties to their hammering at the local elections in England. The final tally of results from these elections show that the main pro-Brexit parties were hammered with voters abandoning them in droves.  The Conservatives were the biggest … Continue reading Can’t see the Wood for the Trees!

Don’t trust Labour on devolution

Power devolved is power retained – or so the old saying goes.  The UK Government can always over-rule a devolved government, forcing them to do as they want rather than want the members of the devolved parliament prefer. The British Labour Party is a reluctant supporter of devolution, it was their MPs who, in 1979, … Continue reading Don’t trust Labour on devolution

Three Strikes and you’re out!

  Or the Prime Minister Theresa May should be, but she’s still hanging on in (so far). But the time is up. Not just for Theresa May and trying to save the UK from itself over Brexit. Theresa May has had her third knock back in a row from the House of Commons and it’s … Continue reading Three Strikes and you’re out!

Yet more evidence of the Rigged EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission has fined the Vote Leave campaign £40,000 for sending out around 200,000 unsolicited text messages.  Vote Leave claimed they had the relevant permission but destroyed them after the referendum.  What a load of nonsense, every campaigner knows you have to keep records for a certain period of time and Vote Leave either … Continue reading Yet more evidence of the Rigged EU Referendum

It’s Still Scotland’s Oil

The condescending comments by the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond that 'Scotland gets its fair share, and precious little thanks we get for it' are appalling but they highlight the mentality of the British Government. Thanks to the National a lot more Scots are aware of the lost generation of Scots who were robbed of the investment … Continue reading It’s Still Scotland’s Oil