Classic Rock Albums: Heaven and Hell

Released on 25th April 1980, Heaven and Hell was Black Sabbath’s ninth studio album and their first featuring Ronnie James Dio as their lead singer.  Ozzy Osbourne had left the band and they were on the lookout for a new singer but by coincidence, lead guitarist Tony Iommi had been introduced to Ronnie and he ended up jamming together to see how things would work out.  There were also some personnel issues within the band with bassist Geezer Butler going through a divorce, leading to keyboardist Geoff Nichols initially playing bass on some of the early recordings. Meanwhile drummer Bill Ward was having health issues which would eventually see him leave the band a few months later.

It’s one of the best known heavy metal albums of the 1980’s featuring classic tracks such as Neon Knights, Die Young and, of course the title track Heaven and Hell.

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