Send in the Clowns!

So, the latest wheeze from the Tories to save the Union, is to pack up Prince and plank them down in Holyrood Palace in Scotland to make us all feel more British!

Clown Prince coming to Scotland?

Honestly who comes out with this nonsense?  Is it really a bunch of out of touch Tory politicians or is it a joke by a team of underemployed comedy sketch writers?  Who really thinks having two members of the Royal Family based in Scotland is going to increase support for the Union?

This is just the latest in a series of ideas from the Tories to apparently strengthen the union, as the continued increase in support for Independence has the UK government worried about the future.  With 20 consecutive opinion polls all favouring independence for Scotland, the Tories are rattled.  Of course, while the SNP leadership still cling to the idea of needing a section 30 to get an Independence referendum the Tories and their BritNat pals may still have time to find a way to stop the rise in support for Scottish Independence.  

Or maybe not, now that Now Scotland ( – the new national membership grassroots organisation has started, the pressure for Independence – whether by referendum or any other means – will start to grow more, and hopefully be more co-ordinated.  This will add to the pressure already being applied to the SNP leadership to stop messing around with other issues and to start focussing on delivering Independence.

So far, the Tories have tried to get all their business pals to slap a union flag on every product they can, but it seems that whenever Scots shoppers have a choice such products are left on the shelves.  Then there is the plan by Michael Gove’s wife to stop paying the Barnett Formula to Scotland to see how much we rely on Westminster’s funding.  Clearly, they have no idea that the Barnett Formula only redistributes some of the tax raised in Scotland, but even then, the idea that they would starve Scotland of essential funding for all our public services highlights just how little they think of the Scots.

Just the other week we had the Liar in chief, Boris Johnson, break the Scottish Covid rules on essential travel by coming on a day trip to Scotland to visit a vaccine laboratory (which had just had a covid outbreak amongst its workforce).

Of course, he’s not the first BritNat to break the Covid restrictions on travelling – the self-important former MP and friend of Colonel Gaddafi, George Galloway, broke the rules as he travelled to Scotland and even stopped of at Queen of the South’s ground to take in a football match (yet no sanctions or disciplinary action has taken place against either Galloway or the football club).

And as for the Royal Family, Prince William and his bint, also ignored Scottish Government rules to travel to Scotland. No doubt following in the footsteps of his father who travelled to Scotland while infected by Covid, and who was the probable cause of an outbreak in the local area. 

Now the Tories believe that sending Prince Edward and his wife to live in a royal Palace just across the road from our democratically elected Parliament – which is under threat from the Tories Internal Market Bill – will persuade us to give up our dream of Independence, aye right!

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