Stop saying Sorry: resign and then face prosecution!

Dear Boris,

No one is interested in your phoney sympathy and apologies, no one trusts you anymore.  You are the UK’s Prime Minister who oversaw the needless and unnecessary deaths of over 100,000 people – during peacetime!

More civilian deaths have occurred under your premiership in under one year than all the civilian deaths in the UK over the whole course of the Second World War.

Your negligence and incompetence is matched only by your arrogance and greed.  You ignored the warnings of a pandemic, you skipped the vital COBRA meetings to prepare for the coming pandemic and then you boast about the best app or track and trace system – or whatever – it’s always the world’s best and it always fails. Then you drain public sector funds to fill the pockets of your backers – handing out contracts without any scrutiny.  You and your backers are getting rich off the deaths of thousands of UK citizens that you abandoned to face the threat of covid alone.

You’ve dithered and delayed, you’ve spread the virus by boasting about shaking hands with patients in hospital or not wearing a mask.  Your briefings have been a prime example in spreading confusion – you have the worst communication skills of any senior politician, no one understands a bloody thing you mumble about.

The responsibility for these deaths rest with you.  Your sympathy isn’t wanted.  What is wanted is first, your resignation, and then for you to face criminal charges for the deaths that have occurred and the sleekit, underhand deals that you have presided over, enriching all your political backers.

It’s time for you to go.


the Scottish Public

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