The Dis-United Kingdom

So much for the so-called United Kingdom!  At various stages over the past few months Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and even some mayors from cities in the North of England have asked for the furlough scheme to be extended and all have been knocked back by the UK Tory Government.  Then suddenly London and the South of England are in danger and an English national lockdown is required – so at the last moment the furlough scheme is extended until 2nd December!  So much for a United Kingdom – London chooses what’s best for London and to hell with everyone else.

The furlough scheme is an essential element of support that is required when any area goes into a full lockdown. Without access to this furlough scheme it ties the hands of any politician looking to close down the economy to stop the spread of Covid-19.  Scotland’s First Minister has already aired her concerns about having the power to call for a full lockdown without having the ability to offset the loss in wages that will impact on many workers and businesses.  Despite repeated requests from various Scottish Government ministers, the UK Government made clear they weren’t listening.  That is until they came up with the wheeze of getting Assistant Referee and part time politician Douglas Ross MP to ask the same question to the Prime Minister.  Unsurprisingly the serial liar agrees that support will be available to Scotland and any other areas going into full lockdown even if this takes place later on.  Of course, the expected details on how this would work were missing.  The mixed messaging continued as different Tory ministers tried to wriggle out of the PM’s commitment. 

It will be no surprise if the Prime Minister’s commitment disappears just like his commitment to his various wives, partners, employers and everyone else he routinely lies to has disappeared.

There is no United Kingdom – Scotland is treated like dirt by this corrupt Tory Government.  They are trying to find an excuse not to extend the furlough payments in Scotland yet they will expect Scotland to pay a share of all the costs of the furlough payments in England!  So much for the strength of the Union – they borrow money to help themselves and expect Scotland to pay a share for resources we’re not allowed to have!  Surely the few remaining BritNats must start to see through this ploy.

This further example of BritNat corruption must surely be another nail in the coffin for this dis-United Kingdom.

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