What’s in a name? the Tory Scum saga.

So the latest excuse from Tory MPs on why they refused to back an extension to free school meals to the poorest children in England was that they were upset at being called ‘Scum’ by Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner MP.  Really!  They were so offended that during a debate in the House of Commons where Labour were asking the Tory Government to copy the actions of the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish Governments in extending free school meals to cover the Christmas holidays, that when Ms Rayner called one of their MPs scum – that was enough for them to vote against the plan.  What utter sh*te!  They get called a name so the consign thousands of needy children in England to starve over the Christmas holidays – maybe being called Scum isn’t strong enough.

Of course, no one likes being called names but the Tories (and their BritNat pals) have a long history of using abusive terms for others, whether that’s Scots Nazis for SNP or wasters and feckless for the unemployed and poor. They have no right to claim the moral high ground on this – especially when doing so they punish those least able to defend themselves.

There was a similar outrage from the Tories and their media pals when a ‘Tory Scum Out’ banner was displayed on various Scottish Independence rallies. Apparently, that was too much for the easily upset Tories.  Ok, maybe it’s not nice but then when have the Tories been nice to anyone other than their business friends or those who fund their party?  It would be better if we could focus on the positives in any campaign but sometimes it’s difficult not to react to the most right wing government the UK has ever seen, one that openly displays contempt for the rule of law (when it comes to them).

So how bad is it to call Tories scum?  Well according to the usual story the name Tory derives from Irish/ Scots Gaelic for outlaw – yet you don’t see them complaining about that (maybe because its so accurate!).

But let’s look at the recent record of the Tory Government. They introduced the bedroom tax to punish the poor who couldn’t move elsewhere, they embarked on a decade long politically driven austerity drive which slashed benefits and attacked the poorest in society; they introduced a 5 week wait for benefits and of course while they have cut support for the lowest earners they have increased the incomes of their supporters.  Now they are bringing in legislation that will break international law and effectively over-rule all the devolved parliaments and recently launched legislation to allow staff from 13 agencies to exempt their officers from criminal prosecution for rape, torture and murder!  Do you still think the word SCUM is too much?

The government of Boris Johnston and Dominic Cummings is openly corrupt handing out Covid contracts to companies with no experience in PPE – costing the country millions of pounds in wasted goods while lining the pockets of their friends.

Considering the endemic corruption of the current Tory Government certainly puts into context the minor issue of being called scum – it isn’t enough, and the fuss over this is simply a distraction from the real issue here. This UK Tory Government is corrupt, bleeding the public sector and those most in need of funding while pursuing an evil policy of greed for their friends and funders.  Scum simply isn’t a strong enough word for describing the Tories.

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