Bin the Beeb!

It’s great to see SNP MP’s calling for action against the BBC, with their letter to the new Director General, highlighting their concerns about that organisation’s work in Scotland. Although they have an action plan in place which could see leading a mass campaign of non-payment of the TV tax (licence) I fear they are still behind the Yes movement who have had enough of the BBC.

After every outrage, from lies and smears to fake documentaries such as the special attacking Alex Salmond, the BBC simply ignore all complaints.  They aren’t interested in what the public think. They aren’t even interested in reporting the news – how many protests have taken place outside their headquarters – either in Glasgow or London – yet not a word is broadcast about it.  The BBC are making the news, they are deciding what you will see and hear, and above all they are lying to the public in Scotland.   Most Indy supporters don’t buy the Sun or the Daily Record because of the lies spead by these papers (remember the Vow!) but you have a choice to buy it, you generally don’t have that choice with the BBC. However, more and more people have went online and discovered the legal ways to avoid paying the TV tax – after all why would you pay someone to lie to you?

Apparently Scotland is the area of the UK with the largest proportion of non-payers of the TV Tax – yet nothing has changed within the BBC.  In fact it’s started to get worse again.  Previously their idea of balance was to have 3 BritNats lined up to attack 1 SNP or Green representative; instantly ensuring the BritNat side always got at least three times of the coverage as any Indy supporter.  However, recently they even went further than that.  The abysmal Politics Live show had their guests all dismissing Scottish Independence and not a single voice in favour of Indy was allowed onto the show that day!  Then there is their disgraceful action against the Covid briefings by the First Minister, initially the BBC wanted to chuck them but the outrage was so much they decided to continue with them but allow Tory MP Douglas Ross a right of reply to every statement!  Where is the SNP’s right of reply to Boris Johnston’s inane ramblings?

Generally the BBC don’t listen to complaints – they simply copy and paste the same reply to everyone and nothing ever changes, so let’s do something more productive. The BBC is beyond reform so simply stop paying the TV tax and hit them in their cashflow!  Use the money you save to support Indy voices in the media instead. No one can reform a corrupt organisation like the BBC,  it’s simply time to Bin the Beeb.

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