Never Trust a Tory

The latest moves by the UK Tory Government to renege on the EU Withdrawal legislation will come as no surprise to followers of Scottish politics and merely highlights the old saying of ‘Never Trust a Tory’.

Despite being told prior to the UK General Election in December 2019 that the Tories had an ‘oven ready’ deal for Brexit it now appears it was already past its sell by date mainly due to the UK Government not bothering to scrutinise the legislation they were promoting. Again, not surprising when you remember that the current Prime Minister barely bothers to read his briefings so it’s unlikely he would have cut short his afternoon nap to read the actual legislation he was promoting!

Of course, he’s not the only liar in the Tory party. Their leader in Scotland, Douglas Ross MP, has made multiple promises about giving up or reducing his other job as an assistant referee – yet when a nice little earner -especially when travel is involved – see’s him ditch his constituents in favour of running the line at various football matches. He’s also been at it with regard to the Tory Myth about the 2014 Indy Ref being a ‘once in a generation’ decision. Despite the Smith Commission report clearly stating otherwise.

However, if the Tories want to deny Scots their democratic right of choosing their own future then they will suffer for that at the polls. It would be interesting if they also believe their current leader when he claimed that the 2019 General Election was ‘a once in a generation General Election’!

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