Politics before lives

Only a self-centred politician like Lord George Foulkes would revel in the disgraceful decision of the BBC in Scotland to cancel the live screenings of the First Minister’s Covid-19 briefings.

Lord George Foulkes couldn’t contain his bladder at the news of the FM’s briefings being cancelled

Just as new outbreaks of the virus starts hitting Scotland, with more and more council areas going into localised lockdowns, there is an urgent need for public information on what is happening in your local area.  As the alleged public sector broadcaster, BBC (in Scotland) were fulfilling that obligation by screening all the First Minister’s Covid -19 briefings, ensuring that everyone in Scotland has the opportunity to regularly hear the updates for our country.  This was essential – we are in the middle of a pandemic and the information given out by the Westminster Government did not reflect what was happening in Scotland, yet the BBC gladly screen this crap to us – and still plan to do so!  The BBC think its ok for us to hear what is happening in England but not what is happening in our own country!

A number of BritNat politicians from all the major BritNat parties followed Lord George Foulkes who claimed that the First Minister’s briefings were political propaganda. They were happy to line up behind the normally drunk Lord to deny the Scottish public essential information on how to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.  For them, politics comes before the safety of the public.  Unsurprisingly they haven’t objected to the Westminster government having their briefings broadcast by the BBC.  It highlights again that BritNats don’t give a damn about Scots lives.

Of course, Lord George Foulkes has previous for complaining about the SNP – who can forget this classic!

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