Deep Purple @ 21 (albums that is!)

Veteran hard rockers Deep Purple have released their 21st studio album ‘Whoosh!’ this month.  The album the band described as putting the Deep back into Purple! 

Working with producer Bob Ezrin for the third time, Purple have delivered an excellent album showcasing their incredible musicianship. 

As always Glover and Paice hold the beat well allowing Steve Morse and Don Airey to showcase their talents while Gillan layers his vocals on top.  Ok his voice might not match the screams of the 70’s but the band have adapted to suit his current range and together this sounds like an album that only Purple can produce.  Airey and Morse are bouncing off each other reminiscent of Blackmore and Lord in the early days.  The opening track ‘Throw My Bones’ is one of their best songs for a long time and the updated version of And the Address is not to be missed.  If you’re a Deep Purple fan you won’t be disappointed.

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