They came, they saw, they ran scarpered!

Tory Chancellor Rushi Sunak MP became the latest BritNat politician to have a fleeting visit to Scotland.  As per the usual Tory script even talk of Scottish Independence was off the table, apparently the Tories are too busy lining the pockets of their supporters with dodgy contracts outwith of any proper scrutiny to allow the people of Scotland to have their say on their own future. 

It’s clear the BritNats haven’t stolen enough resources from Scotland yet before democracy is allowed to be implemented here. That’s not really a surprise for an incompetent Tory Government which has let tens of thousands of people die from coronavirus due to their negligence, especially that of the Prime Minister who skipped Cobra meetings and preferred to have weekends off rather than deal with a life threatening pandemic. 

Instead of using existing suppliers of PPE the Tories turned to their pals to line their own pockets with contracts awarded without any tendering process and has resulted in millions of pounds going astray while these contracts fail to supply PPE that meet basic standards!  It’s now left to organisations like the Good Law Project to chase the government through the courts to try and shed some light on this Tory corruption.  Any functioning democracy (and the UK certainly doesn’t fall into that category) would be looking at locking up all those involved in this scandal but no doubt those involved will end up with peerages in the future and jobs for life in the House of Lords!

As for the Chancellor’s visit, it followed the approach seen in Boris Johnson’s escapade to Orkney; hiding from the public and any questions in a quest to get some photos and video for the tame BritNat media.

One of the few times the Chancellor got out his car.

There were complaints that the Chancellor’s journey to the Isle of Bute resulted in other passengers missing the ferry.  That was true, his entourage was waved onto the ferry as those who had been queuing for hours could only look on in despair as the ferry sailed off without them.  However, there is some rationale in a senior member of the cabinet getting preferential treatment.  You could understand that having him hanging about for a few hours waiting for a ferry is neither a good use of his time or could give people the chance to organise a protest about him and his failing policies. 

As he travelled over to Bute the local Yes group (unsurprisingly called Yes Bute) sprang into action and about 20 or so Indy supporters gathered at a moment’s notice with an assortment of saltires and Yes flags to remind this Tory politician that Scotland wants its freedom.  Initially the Indy flag bearers were placed at the pedestrian entrance to the ferry terminal but it then became clear that Sunak and his entourage weren’t leaving their cars as they drove past and headed to the front of the vehicle queue for the ferry. Sunak could be seen walking about outside his car as the Yes activists marched across to another part of the ferry terminal to wave their flags at him.  This saw Sunak make a quick move into his car as he tried to ignore the demonstration.  This demonstration was entirely peaceful and kept well away form the route that vehicles use to get on/ off the ferry.  As islanders they knew where the safest place was to make a dignified protest without hampering the operation of the island’s lifeline ferry service.

However, similar to the actions of Dominic Cummings  and the Tory belief that rules don’t apply to them, the Chancellor and his entourage drove onto the ferry but then, in a breach of current guidelines, they left their vehicles and went into the passenger deck of the ferry.  No doubt looking for better photo opportunities rather than being photographed hiding in the back seat of a car on the ferry’s car deck. 

In normal times all passengers are expected to leave their vehicles but due to the coronavirus outbreak the legislation enforcing this has been relaxed.  In a bid to contain any potential outbreak all vehicle drivers/ passengers must remain within their vehicle and are not allowed to move up to the passenger deck.  Similarly, all ‘foot’ passengers must remain within the passenger deck and are not allowed onto the car deck.  This is usually strictly enforced by the hard working Calmac staff on the ferries.  However, Sunak believed such rules are not meant for the likes of him and, along with his entourage, they left their vehicles and went to the passenger deck in search of a better photo opp!  When this issue was raised by local people the Tories claimed they were following police advice to move the Chancellor in case of demonstrations!  What utter lies/ shite (delete as appropriate)!  Sunak was more secure in the car deck which currently only allows a very limited number of vehicles and which is cordoned off from other passengers.  Moving him into the passenger deck ensured that more people could potentially access him while also making the spread of the virus easier if someone was infected.

Sunak’s hollow visit contained nothing positive for Bute or for Scotland and simply underlined that the Tories see themselves as above the rules they expect everyone else to follow.

In contrast to Sunak’s visit where he tried his hardest to avoid meeting locals, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, visited the island last September and was overwhelmed by the number of people who wanted to meet her. Unlike Tory politicians, she was welcomed to the Island and there was no shortage of people queuing up for selfies with her.

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