Thanks for your help … now F**k Off!

That may not be the exact language used by Tory Home Secretary Priti Patel but that’s clearly the intention from the UK Tory Government.

In the same way that the Tories shafted NHS staff over the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, they’ve now turned their viciousness onto social care staff.

In announcing their new immigration rules the Tories have excluded social care staff  from the health and social care visa, making it more difficult for them to remain in the UK or to come over here to work once the new rules kick in. 

The head of Scottish Care (the body which represents care homes in Scotland) described this as ‘an utter slap in the face for the care sector’.  This will have an impact particularly in Scotland where up to 8% of social care staff are from the EU.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Tories were leading the weekly Clap for Carers every Thursday and now they’ve resorted to stabbing them in the back.

When Coronavirus first occurred in the UK the Tory Government made all sorts of promises, encouraging final year nursing students to take up posts early to help out with an expected flood of coronavirus cases, cancelling hospital car parking fees to help them and commending NHS and care staff for risking their lives to protect others.  Since then the promised jobs have been slashed and the hospital car park charges are being reintroduced.  Now carers from outwith the UK will find it difficult to get a visa to work here thanks to the right wing ideology of the Tories.

Other countries have rewarded their health and social care staff with wage rises or one off payments, but the UK under the Tories is getting back to their normal business of fleecing the public sector for private profit and shitting on essential staff.

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