Look a squirrel! time for a distraction

As the failures of Boris Johnson’s Tory Government pile up, from failure to protect people from Covid -19, failure to access supplies of PPE (and excluding everyone apart from England from certain supplies) and now the complete failure of the English Contract Tracing App it is necessary for them to find distractions. 

They need to divert the public’s attention away from their failures even if it means pathetic political u-turns (such as the decision to now give free school meals in England during the summer break) or just wasting money on vanity projects such as the idea of sticking a flag on an airplane will make things better.  It’s a disgrace that the mainstream media are simply going along with this and barely questioning the Tories.  Those that do – such as Good Morning Britain and Channel 4 News – then find themselves boycotted by Government Ministers.  Yet where is the outcry from the rest of the media? Is this an acceptable way to run an alleged democracy – if the Government don’t like your questions we won’t appear on your shows or even let you question them!

In contrast Nicola Sturgeon MSP submits herself to some of the most ridiculous questioning by journalists in her daily coronavirus briefings.  The contrast between a Scottish Government doing the best that it can with the limited powers it has compared to a UK Government not using its wide ranging powers and hiding from the public is stark and is a daily reminder why we need our Independence.

They can’t even get their plan for the Union flag on a plane right! After spending almost £1million on this paint job, it looks like they’ve painted the flag upside down – which, appropriately, is a sign of distress!

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