We’re already in a hellish limbo!

It’s a bit late of Pete Wishart MP to warn of Indy Plan B leaving Scotland in a ‘hellish limbo’ – we’re already here!

We have an incompetent Tory Government forced upon us, implementing policies which few in Scotland support and a Scottish Government limited by devolution on what it can do to protect and improve Scotland.  The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted the restrictions of devolution; while Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government are trying to save as many lives as possible, the UK Government are more concerned about boosting the economy, irrespective of how many lives are lost.

We didn’t have the powers to introduce lockdown when it really mattered, we don’t have the powers to close our borders and we don’t have the powers to extend financial support to all affected by this crisis.  Each time we come up against the brick wall of Boris and co.  All our mandates for a second Indyref have bounced back from this wall – they will never let us have a section 30 agreement as long as they need Scotland’s oil (and other economic assets) to prop up their failing UK economy.  The complete disrespect the Tories have for Scotland can even be seen in Pete Wishart’s select committee where the Tories have more members than anyone else despite the election result in Scotland.

Constantly waiting for Boris to change his mind won’t bring us independence, maybe it is time to accept that we’re in a hellish limbo just now and start to seek a real solution to bring about independence other than just wait for another mandate!

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