Are you willing to die to save the economy?

Because that’s what the Tories want!

9bd50985-63f1-4665-8876-670d1561c9f9_1000In a desperate bid to increase his profile so that even some of his own party members will recognise him, Jackson Carlaw MSP – current leader of the Tories in Scotland – wants the Scottish Government to throw caution to the wind and ease all the current coronavirus restrictions. He made it clear that protecting the economy is more important than protecting lives.

At the start of the outbreak he promised he wouldn’t indulge in cheap political point-scoring but – as with every promise from a Tory – that was soon thrown away. Carlaw only has one principle and that’s to do whatever he’s told by London – whether that’s by Boris Johnson or Dominic Cummings. He must be constantly dizzy with his repeated u-turns; first he was against Brexit then he was for it; then he was against Boris and now he supports him, he is a shallow politician placed in a position to do the bidding of his London bosses.

He – along with the rest of the so-called Scottish Tories – don’t give a damn about the people of Scotland. He’s been told the economy is taking a beating so everyone has to get back to work, irrespective of the danger to their health. He berates the Scottish Government for the Covid -19 deaths in Scotland then belittles the warnings of the medical experts and he demands that we have to open up the economy now. As a failed second hand car salesman who has seen two of his businesses go under, I suppose that gives him some experience about failing businesses but that doesn’t give him any authority on a global pandemic – one in which the UK Government is deliberately hiding the real number of deaths from Covid -19. We are now at the stage that the excess deaths in this period (which are mostly attributed to Coronavirus (Covid -19) – either wholly or partially) are equal to the number of civilians who died in the UK over the six year period of World War 2!

Carlaw claimed that, “Scotland needs imagination, ambition and an open mind”. Yet his imagination is to merely copy what Boris is doing, his ambition is to save money not lives and the only thing open if we follow Carlaw would be the open graves needed for the extra deaths his advice would bring.

TELEMMGLPICT000226899470_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqeK8ehqBZJSTiVTgumtathbH8AD1LYTdJsoz8pklmEgwWe are in the middle of a health crisis – too many people are losing their lives to risk it all simply to save a few jobs or boost the economy.

There is a killer virus stalking Scotland – we need to continue to follow the advice given by Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government. It is the only way to save lives until a vaccine can be found. As the First Minister said, you can rebuild a failed business but you can’t bring anyone back from the dead!

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