Does Boris want more deaths?

The change in the Covid -19 message from a clear Stay at Home to a weak, wishy-washy, Stay Alert – will lead to more covid -19 deaths according to many health professionals (as highlighted in today’s National)

covid message

Boris Johnson and his cronies have effectivley downgraded the seriousness of the Covid -19 message; even going so far as to subtly change the warning colour from red to green, implying that there is less danger now.  How exactly is being alert going to help anyone recognise or defend themselves from an invisible virus?  No doubt under pressure from Tory businessmen who don’t give a damn about you or your family but are interested only in their bank balance, Johnson has been pushed to loosen the lockdown restrictions.  The National also highlights others concerns about this change in the message:

A few other people have already started mocking Johnson’s new message with their own creations:

The UK has the second highest number of deaths in the world from Covid -19 and instead of doing something practical to stop the spread of the virus, the UK Tory Government is risking everyone’s lives by downgrading their warnings.  Already both the Scottish and Welsh First Ministers have said they will retain the original Stay at Home warning but the English centric BBC (and other mainstream media) will promote the new message and no doubt some will be confused and now think its safe to relax their guard against the virus.

Boris Johnson has been a catastrophic failure as Prime Minister during this whole crisis and is now putting more people in danger.  Being Alert will not save you from the virus.  Ignore Johnson and his cronies – they don’t give a damn about you or your family.  Stick to the original advice: Stay at Home: Save Lives.


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