The end of the Printed Press … hopefully!

The lockdown from the Coronavirus (Covid -19) outbreak has seen fewer people going to the shops and has resulted in a decrease in the sales of newspapers across the UK. One of the biggest casualties appears to be the Sun which is allegedly losing £68million during this crisis – what a shame, not!

The mainstream British press is pathetic.  Their idea of reporting a story and providing information to allow a reader to make up their mind about what happened is long gone.  Today most of the mainstream media are simply Press Relations publications for the owners of these papers.  They exist (often at a loss) to promote the political views of their owners.  Just this week a majority of the UK papers were all promoting the idea that Boris Johnson would announce a lessening of the lockdown and Monday would be the start of opening up the economy.  One paper was so excited it proclaimed what changes were coming and when – including bizarrely on the 31st of June!  It seems in the world of the press spin operations no one has a calendar or realises there are only 30 days in June.

Maybe the shift from reporting news to promoting the views of their owners could be the real reason why newspapers simply aren’t selling.  The lockdown has made people look at what is essential in the day to day lives and reading the lies from Murdoch and co simply isn’t as important anymore.

Coincidentally, today’s National runs with a story that highlights the extremely low trust UK readers have in their press.  Taken from a European poll, the UK’s press comes way out as last in the poll, highlighting a further disconnect between the press and the people.  Anyone who has seen the lies from the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum and onwards will be well aware of this.

untrsutworthy press

In general, most national newspapers are simply a waste of paper.  The owners dictate what is printed and when – such as holding off for a month the story about the scientist who advised the UK Government on the lockdown breaking the rules to have his mistress visit him.  How ironic he gets sacked when his ultimate boss – the Prime 95749304_1738801039601301_3873724570124943360_nMinister – is lauded for his extra-marital affairs!

Newspapers are dying not because of the lockdown – that may have hastened their demise – but due to them being irrelevant to most people.  The lack of trust between the papers and the public highlights it’s not simply the lockdown and lack of access to papers that is leading to their irrelevance.  Maybe more people should support the actions of the people of Liverpool and simply boycott newspapers (and their advertisers) who continually spread lies, smears and fears – such as the constant attacks on Scottish Independence.

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