Lives matter more than share prices.

Hundreds, if not a thousand and more, people are dying everyday due to Coronavirus (Covid -19). The inadequate response from the UK Government who initially wanted to get ‘herd immunity’ to this virus by risking thousands of lives has been responsible for many of the deaths we are now seeing. It quite telling that one of the first actions taken by Johnson’s Government was to bring in PR advisers to try to spin their way out of the mess they have created.

Of course, the ever supine and spineless UK mainstream media are doing their bit to deflect any criticism of the government they helped to foist on the gullible voters of England. Until there is a clear resolution for actually tackling this virus and for eventually taking on board the demands of real experts such as the WHO there should be no talk of removing the lockdown to get the economy moving.

Lives matter more than share prices.

The latest intervention by the new Labour leader calling for details on how to get the economy started highlights that he is just another red tory more interested in profits than lives.

The UK Government has been found wanting during this whole crisis, thinking that repeatedly lying will get them off the hook. They defunded the NHS in an effort to sell it off, they have risked the lives of those who care for us when we need it most – in the NHS and care setting – as well as all the other essential workers who have found promises of PPE nothing more than a series of lies.
The UK will have one of the biggest death tolls from this virus simply because the Johnson Government doesn’t value the lives of ordinary people. We need a realistic plan on how to tackle the virus before we can even think of lifting the lockdown.

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