Media Hypocrisy over Scotland’s CMO

The resignation of the Chief Medical Officer for Scotland was not unexpected.  She made her position untenable after twice breaking the movement restrictions she expected everyone else in Scotland to follow.  How could the public trust her recommendations when she herself would flaunt them? In her defence though, the role of CMO is not really a public facing appointment, it’s more an advisory role and not one where the CMO has to work under such public scrutiny.  However, it’s difficult to support someone who believes they are above the rules which they set for society.

However, it was not a pleasant sight seeing the usual mainstream media acting like a pack of wolves hunting her down.  Has anyone questioned how the media got their photograph of the CMO were press photographers also breaking the rules regarding staying at home, were they stalking the CMO?  Online stories seem to suggest the photographer who captured the CMO at her holiday home had travelled 80 miles from his home to take the photo – was this classed as essential travel?  This would be the same so called journalists who ignored or made excuses when Prince Charles decided to ignore all the advice from both Scotland and Westminster and travelled to his holiday home while actually suffering from Cornonavirus, taking with him his usual royal lackeys.  In contrast to the CMO, Prince Charles is well aware of his public role as heir apparent and that he should be setting an example to the nation.  Maybe that’s why the CMO and the troupe of campervans trying to invade Scotland and Wales thought it was ok to ignore official warnings and make a run for it.  If anything what Prince Charles did was far worse than the CMO sneaking away to check up on her holiday home.  So where is the wolf pack of journalists harassing the Royal Prince?  Why have they suddenly turned into benign little puppies, rolling over and waiting for their tummies to be tickled – is it because they (or the owners of their papers) are keen on getting a knighthood or such similar bauble?

The CMO acted irresponsibly and she not only apologised for it but resigned from her job, Prince Charles brought his infected carcass to rural Scotland – passing on the virus to god knows how many more – yet no apology and no resignation; and all the while the mainstream media highlighted yet again that they have little interest in reporting stories fairly and are only concerned with following the tune their masters call.


And now it seems like the UK Government’s Housing Minister Robert Jenrick has broken his own advice about not travelling by driving 150 miles to his second home as well as travelling 40 miles to meet his elderly parents.  I wonder what Jackson Carlaw MSP has to say about this?

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