We’re not all in this together!

Don’t travel, don’t spread the virus

Save the NHS, Stay at Home

We’ve all heard these messages, repeated daily on all news channels but spokespersons from Westminster and Scottish Government.  There was a concern at the weekend about the number of campervans heading to the islands – no doubt helped by the Daily Heil (sorry Mail) encouraging people to get away to self-isolate) – putting pressure on local services and threatening the capacity of the NHS in rural areas.  The Scottish Government were strident in their comments, this is no time for tourism.  The virus must be contained and the best way of doing that is to stay at home.

Ok there have been quite a few idiots who think they’re fine and have been out in crowds ignoring the official advice.

However, when the heir to the UK Crown decides that he’s above the rules, and decides to travel to Scotland to bring his infected carcus to Balmoral that is despicable.  Not only should he know better but he should be setting an example.  Yet again the Royal Family show they don’t give a damn about the rest of us.  The BBC are at it again trying to play down this story pretending that every suspected covid-19 case over 70 in the Aberdeenshire area will get a test to see if they’ve got the virus – b*llsh*t! There’s not enough test kits for all the essential NHS and care staff so how come suddenly this overpaid, over-privileged layabout manages to get tested?

Yet again, the UK proves there’s no such thing as ‘all being in this together’.


Big Ears breaks guidance on travelling – how many others has he infected?









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