Shhh! Don’t talk about Swinson and the ‘Fracking’ donation

The pressure of the general election is starting to tell on current Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, as she goes running to a Scottish Court to try to block her SNP opponent – Amy Callaghan – from issuing her election address.

Ms Swinson claimed that the £14,000 donation from a director of Warwick Energy – a company which holds licences for fracking – was made in a personal capacity to her constituency office.  She claimed this has nothing to do with her position as leader of the LibDems and her criticism of fracking.  Nothing to see here.  Aye, right!  She’s been found out; she’s panicking that her constituents – who barely see her – will be upset if they find out via an SNP election leaflet that she is being a hypocrite!  The SNP are currently considering appealing the decision by the Court to rule in favour of Swinson – and so they should.

a typical LibDem bar graph

Swinson and the LibDems have a cheek to complain about the accuracy of anyone’s election material considering their long-standing position of attempting to fool voters with their dodgy bar graphs!

The campaign for Jo Swinson has got worse the longer it goes.  Initially she was touting herself as the next Prime Minister, then there was the bloodlust in her eyes as, without hesitation, she jumped at the opportunity to state that she would gladly press the button to launch a nuclear attack.  No time take to consider who the bombs would be aimed at, what could possibly be achieved with nuclear annihilation or even a concern that her constituents (but not her and her family) would be some of the first people targeted in any retaliation. 76714085_10157116104834794_6411005078949330944_n

72192560_2496899610633127_9207132237227622400_nWith the public getting to see the real face of Swinson, the support for her and her party has started to fall.  Ruling out an alliance with Corbyn but not one with Johnson has made people realise the LibDems are simply the Tory b-team – and you can all guess what the ‘b’ stands for. Swinson and the LibDems track record of supporting the Tories – especially the coalition with David Cameron has started to get more publicity and the public (especially in Scotland) aren’t liking what they now see.

So, whatever you do don’t share this or any of the news reports on Ms Swinson alleging that the £14,000 donation to her constituency office from a director of a company which has fracking licences is in anyway dodgy or an attempt to change the LibDem’s apparent opposition to fracking.  After all  if the SNP aren’t allowed to highlight this in their election address then we wouldn’t want all her constituents in East Dunbartonshire finding out about this from any other source!  Would we?




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