Leaders Debate – I’ve got my letter ready!

It is unsurprising that the SNP lost its legal case to insist on Nicola Sturgeon taking part in the so-called Leaders Debate.  Yet again Scottish voters are treated with contempt.  However, this time I’m not going to simply moan about it – this time I’ll be taking a note of all the companies who advertise before, during and just after the debate.  These companies are now my target.  By taking out advertising during this programme they are hoping to increase their sales, well I’m going to point out that they won’t be getting any sales from me. Without the advertising revenue from these companies the debate would be unlikely to go ahead.  So if we can’t influence the courts to ensure fair treatment for the SNP let’s target the businesses who think they will benefit from the Leaders Debate.

Below is the draft letter I’ll be sending – obviously I’ll adapt it to include the names of the companies and their products/ services.  Feel free to copy this and adapt as you wish. These companies have the right to advertise when they want but equally us consumers have the right to choose.

Dear Advertiser,

I am writing to make you aware my concerns regarding your company running an advert during the so called ‘Leaders Debate’ on ITV/ STV.  Although this broadcast was meant to enlighten voters in the forthcoming UK General Election it was in fact a denial of democracy to voters in Scotland.

In case you were not aware, the ‘leaders’ in this debate represent two political parties which respectively poll around 20% and 15% in Scotland whereas the SNP – which has won every election for a decade in Scotland polls at around 43%.  In deciding to buy advertising during the ‘Leaders Debate’ there is a danger that many viewers in Scotland will regard your company as partially responsible for denying Scottish voters the chance to hear the leader of the SNP in these debates. 

May I also remind you that the SNP with over 120,000 members is the second largest political party in the UK.  There are many more who support the aims of the SNP who will all be perturbed that Scotland’s voice is excluded in these debates.  Whether your company has a political viewpoint or not is not relevant now, because by advertising during the Leaders Debate, you will be judged to have taken the view that Scotland’s voice is not important. 

For this reason, where possible, I will now look to any alternative company for any of the products or services you supply. If you can dismiss the views of your potential customers so easily then I see no reason to show any brand loyalty to your company.

Yours sincerely,


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