The Petulant Prime Minister

petulant: /ˈpɛtjʊl(ə)nt/


  1. (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered. “he was moody and petulant”

If the reports from the BBC and others concerning the Prime Minister’s letter to the EU regarding a Brexit extension are true, then we really do have the most petulant Prime Minister in history.  A spoiled, little rich kid who dreamed of being King of the World may have got older by the time he became Prime Minister but he’s certainly not matured.

Protected by his family wealth and his financiers, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel has left nothing but a trail of failure and misery in his wake.  In his personal life he won’t even admit to how many children he has fathered (there is at least one to a former lover which he refuses to recognise), he left London in chaos after his stint as Mayor including buying three water cannon which were banned from being used in England and Wales (by then Home Secretary Theresa May) which were sold for scrap at a loss of £300,000; he wasted £53 million on a Garden Bridge for London and of course his role in the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s continuing imprisonment in Iran due to his reckless comments while Foreign Secretary.

Any one of these issues would sink the career of just about every other politician -but not Johnson. Someone, somewhere is making sure he remains at large – no doubt to do their bidding.

There is no question over Johnson’s inability to tell the truth – any google search will highlight the lies routinely spoken by Johnson. Whatever he says today he will ignore and say the opposite tomorrow. He’s lied to his wives, he’s lied to his bosses (which led to him being sacked as a journalist) and he even lied to the Queen when he requested the prorogation of Parliament. He said at last year’s DUP conference that he would never put a border in the Irish Sea – yet his Brexit deal proposes such a border. Why would anyone trust Johnson or believe a single word he says?

Johnson is a spoiled little rich kid who expects everyone to be in awe of him.  However, his actions over Brexit and his failure to sign the letter to the EU could see him end up in court.  The Scottish Court which looked into this case will now realise that by his actions, Johnson has lied to them.  Maybe a spell in the cells is in the offing for de Pfeffel?  When you have to take the Prime Minister to court to ensure that he obeys the laws of the land you have to question whether its worth being part of such a country.  The UK is fast becoming a racist nation – helped no doubt by Johnson’s comments and writings – and one where the rule of law can be ignored whenever it doesn’t suit your political ambitions, well if you are Boris Johnson!

Scotland can do so much better than this.  We shouldn’t have our futures controlled by an immature, childish Prime Minister who thinks he’s allowed to throw a strop simply because he can.  Let’s ditch the UK – go our own way and establish an independent Scottish nation.

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