Bye Bye Ginger!

1568Legendary rock drummer Ginger Baker died today (6th October 2019).  Born on 19th August 1939, Peter Edward ‘Ginger’ Baker became a pioneer of rock drumming, often dabbling in jazz fusion and world music.  The line up of bands and musicians he played with was incredible and helped cement his place as one of the most famous and sought-after drummers in the music industry.

From Blues Incorporated through to the Graham Bond Organisation and then Cream, Baker cemented his reputation as a dynamic drummer.  His fights with bassist Jack Bruce were legendary, including the time he pulled a knife on him.  After the demise of Cream, Baker continued with Clapton in the band Blind Faith before launching on his own with Ginger Baker’s Air Force.  He returned to heavy rock with BBM (featuring himself along with Jack Bruce and Gary Moore), unfortunately this only lasted for one album and one tour.

ginger-baker-apBaker was an exceptional drummer and an inspiration to many who picked up a set of drumsticks.  He has a reputation for having a violent temper and for confrontations but no one could deny his skill as a drummer.


The link below takes you to the movie ‘Beware of Mr Baker’.



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