Another one bites the dust …

CiRpSvPXEAAfK1RSo, she’s finally had enough – Ruth Davidson has walked away from her role as the leader of the Tory party in Scotland.  Everyone thought her missing in action routine when Boris Johnson decided that dealing with democratic politics was too much for him, that she was indulging in one of her many disappearing acts.

Being the darling of the UK mainstream media, Davidson has never had to work hard to avoid a difficult question – simply because those BritNat journalists never ask her anything more difficult than what was her favourite colour!  So, when Boris dropped his bombshell on Wednesday it wasn’t too surprising that Ruth Davidson was nowhere to be found.  Of course, UK journalists didn’t waste much time looking for her, and BBC Scotland couldn’t find anyone to doorstep her – as they’ve routinely done with SNP politicians!

You would have thought reaction for the media’s favourite (Scottish) Tory would have been relevant to Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament.  After all Davidson made it clear throughout the Tory leadership campaign that she was voting ABB (Anyone But Boris), working her way through a number of contenders as they all fell by the wayside. No doubt her support was seen as a poisoned chalice as it was a guarantee that everytime she publicly declared for one of the candidates they would lose!

She’s claiming she wants more time with her family – now that she has a young son – and the thought of leading the Scottish branch of a political party would take too much time out of her family life.  Fair enough, everyone should have the chance to spend time with their families, unfortunately due to Tory policies and their mismanagement of the economy not everyone will have that opportunity.  Too many people are working multiple jobs simply to make ends meet, they don’t have the luxury of an MSPs wage to survive on.

davidson_euMaybe it’s no coincidence she started reconsidering her future during the European elections when the gloss came off her leadership as the Tories fell to fourth place in the polls.  It was also clear she had no control over the Tory MPs representing Scottish constituencies and the constant stream of embarrassment over tweets and facebook messages from Scots Tories didn’t seem like letting up.  In the last week or so one Tory Glasgow Councillor boasted about getting a pension at 60 and not giving a damn about everyone else now facing to wait until they’re 75 and of course we had the tory activist being suspended over her comments about Nicola Sturgeon.  Davidson has never been able to deal with these people in her party and the mainstream BritNat media don’t bother looking into why she has no control.  Of course there was also the controversy over the dark money – who is funding the Tories and what are they getting out of it!  With Davidson gone the whole Tory campaign of backing Ruth’s candidate also falls by the wayside.  There will also be less talk of independence as Davidson mentioned the I-word more often than most of the SNP MSPs put together.


Ruth Davidson has walked away from her party’s leadership but will remain an MSP for the time being – it’s not an onerous job when you do as little as her.  Maybe not being leader will give her time to do a couple of surgeries for her constituents – something she has consistently failed to do so for years?

She’s just another failed opposition leader who couldn’t make the breakthrough to take power from the SNP and will only be missed by the BritNat press who effectively invented her.

One thought on “Another one bites the dust …

  1. Agree wholeheartedly…Ruth Davidson’s priority was always Ruth Davidson…no doubt she had the savvy to walkaway before her party is wiped out in Scotland at the next election…It amazes me why she was even lauded in the first place…out of all the many elections she entered she won exactly zero…she won’t be missed by the yes movement that is for sure…but her own party will hardly notice she’s gone the amount of hiding she’s done lately…


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