Bye, bye Democracy

No doubt many people will be describing the decision by Boris Johnson to close down Parliament to force through Brexit as the ‘death of democracy’ but the procedures which allow this to happens simply highlights the lack of democracy within the UK.
We have an unelected Prime Minister advising an unelected Head of State to close down the House of Commons where the democratically elected representatives of the public were wanting to use their democratic right to stop the government forcing through the results of an advisory referendum which was won by one side which broke numerous electoral laws.
We have a weak Prime Minister struggling to keep control of Parliament, despite bribes to the DUP, who has surrounded himself with right wing zealots who are happy to crash the UK economy so that their tax dodging businesses can swoop in and asset strip as
Tory Cabinet waiting to benefit from Brexit

much as possible.  The vultures within the Tory Cabinet are getting restless waiting for their time to pick the bones of the UK economy, ensuring that they benefit from everyone else’s Brexit misery.

Of course there is a better way than this.  Scotland shouldn’t be stuck in the middle of this. We need to move to Independence as quickly as possible to at least limit the damage that Brexit will impose on our economy.  It’s time for Independence.

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