The same lies every year….

It’s groundhog day again – that time of year when the UK Government release the GERS figures (Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) proclaiming that Scotland has a black hole in its finances. In reality these made up figures are simply a propaganda tool by the UK Government to make Scots think they can’t run their own country.

Each year the GERS figures will show how Scotland has a black hole in its economy and the dutiful BBC and the rest of the mainstream media will repeat this comment endlessly hoping it will strike a blow against Scottish Independence. However, the GERS figures are seriously flawed and its time the Scottish Government fought back.

So, what’s wrong with GERS?
Just about everything. The whole idea of GERS was to make Independence seem unattractive – try to make the Scottish people believe that they rely on subsidies and couldn’t run their own country. GERS was conceived as a political and propaganda tool with the figures behind GERS being manipulated to meet the required outcome.

Missing figures and added costs
Missing from Scotland’s figures are all the revenue from our oil fields – apparently the UK Treasury is unable to allocate these to a specific geographic region!  Also any Scottish goods which are exported from England do not appear as Scottish exports. Then on the other side of the equation, Scotland is given a pro-rata share of the costs of projects which will not benefit Scotland – i.e HS2 etc.

GERS relates only to Scotland within UK
The GERS figures relate to Scotland as part of the UK – in other words, under the current constitutional arrangements – with the UK retaining all the key economic levers, the UK Government estimate that Scotland has a gap in its funding. So, after over 300 years in this union – Scotland, a country rich with natural assets including oil, gas, water etc – still requires additional funding. If anything the GERS figures should be seen as a failure of the UK Government. How can a country like Scotland, so rich in natural resources, still require a subsidy? Clearly someone in the Treasury isn’t very good at their job. Of course, it’s worth remembering that according to UK records, India recorded a deficit for every year of the 180 years it was under British rule. During the same period it’s been estimated that Britain extracted £44 trillion of wealth from India! The UK Government was lying to India – it’s certainly lying to Scotland.

It’s also been reported that Scotland has a £12.6billion deficit and Wales has a £13.7billion deficit. The total UK deficit is allegedly £23.5billion! Are we really to believe that the rest of the UK (England and Northern Ireland) have no deficit?
If this deficit was anywhere near the truth why would the UK Government want to hold onto Scotland? They won’t even pay for a spare bedroom for those on benefits so why the hell would they support a country which they claim requires so much subsidy?

Former BBC Journalist Derek Bateman explains:

bateman gers

The GERS figures should not be taken as a serious assessment of the economy of Scotland. It is only a propaganda tool used by BritNats to claim Scotland couldn’t afford Independence. The GERS figures do not, in any way, relate to how an Independent Scotland would manage its economy.

Treat these figures with the contempt they deserve.

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