Playing to the Audience

The two little rich kids vying to be the next leader of the Tories (and subsequently the next Prime Minister) aren’t interested in what you or I think.  They don’t care about the views of the public in general – they are only playing out their game in front of a select audience, that is the membership of the Tory party!

Tory Party re-run of Dumb and Dumber

A recent article in the Guardian examined the current make-up of the Tory party (membership reported as 160,000 in May 2019) and found that:

  • 71% of members are male
  • One third of their members live in London or the South East
  • Average age of members is 57
  • Only 14% think government should redistribute income from the better off to the worse off
  • 54% would rather see their own party destroyed than have Brexit not take place
  • 63% would consider Scotland leaving the UK to be a price worth paying!
Hunt not having a clue how to work a microphone

These are the people that Hunt and Johnson have to win over – these are the people who will decide which Prime Minister we get.  That is why tax cuts are on the agenda for both candidates – they are buying votes from their members, promising them more money as public services suffer even more austerity.  After all their members don’t generally believe in redistribution so why should they care about the poorest in society.

However, it does seem strange that the media are all over this election like a rash – vUW7COIexcept the BBC which seems to have already came out for Boris (maybe that’s something to do with the alleged ‘affiliation’ between Boris and the BBC’s so-called political editor Laura Keunssbeg).  But why the hell should the rest of us have to suffer this ongoing muppet show when we don’t have a say in who will be elected?

Whoever wins – we all lose!

It’s time to launch that lifeboat called Independence and get out of here!


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