Sympathy for Theresa May – now is not the time …… nor will it ever be !

The pathetic sight of soon to be former Prime Minister Theresa May crying as she announced her resignation doesn’t get any sympathy from those who have suffered under her ‘leadership’.  As usual the mainstream press fell for the act and tried to portray Theresa May as if she is a normal person with actual feelings!

Aye right – tell that to her victims.

The reaction on social media was more revealing, without media barons to direct the public’s opinion it was clear that most people had little or no sympathy for Mrs May. thewlis tweetPlenty of images and memes were quick to appear contrasting her ‘greeting’ about losing her job in contrast to her lack of emotion for those who have suffered while she was Prime Minister. This included the victims of Grenfell Tower (most of whom have still be rehomed), the Windrush generation (including those who were forced out of the UK and some who have been killed since) and not forgetting the thousands who have died due to benefit cuts imposed under her tenure.

Theresa May tears of self pity

FBU statementAlthough the media seem to be assessing Theresa May’s premiership in terms of handling Brexit, she has many more failings that could be highlighted.  Among these were:

  • Continuing with austerity, persecuting those who needed help and ultimately having benefit policies which contribute to the deaths of thousands of benefit claimants
  • The rape clause
  • Creating a hostile atmosphere for immigrants in the UK, including those who had settled here for years
  • The Windrush deportations
  • Grenfell Tower – where poor health and safety issues surrounding tower blocks in England saw at least 72 people die in a fire, yet despite the outcry from the public many of the remaining victims are still without homes – and when Theresa May visited the site there wasn’t even the merest hint of tears or emotion
  • Universal Credit and benefit reforms; making claimants wait 5 weeks for any benefits, delays in processing applications leading to rent arrears affecting both tenants and landlords
  • Supplying arms to the murderous Saudi regime, knowingly letting them bomb Yemen, killing thousands of women and children

Of course, there was also her previous poor record as Home Secretary where she slashed police numbers and then was surprised to see a massive rise in crime – and who can forget her ability to lose over 100 files relating to paedophile cases!

With a track record like that is it any wonder that most people may have sympathies for the victims of Theresa May but have none for her. She was eventually forced out as Prime Minister by her own colleagues – more concerned about their parliamentary futures than anyone who has suffered under her regime.

larry the PM

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