It’s the people of Scotland who will decide on our Independence, not Westminster

Even Before Nicola Sturgeon MSP stood up in the Scottish Parliament on Wed 24th April to update everyone on her plans to move forward the independence campaign, you knew the reactionary voices of the British Nationalists were lining up their soundbites.

As predictable as ever the Tory UK Government, in the form of David Lidington MP as the deputy Prime Minster – stated that there would be no Section 30 agreement and that now wasn’t the time for a Scottish Independence Referendum.  Apparently the BritNat position is that only the UK Government can allow Scotland to be independent – as Wee Ginger Dug says, that means we aren’t partners in union of nations but instead are prisoners.

However, it’s not for David Lidington MP or even Theresa May to say that Scotland can’t have an independence referendum.  The decision about Scotland being an Independent Nation is one that is reserved only to the people of Scotland.

Ok, the UK Tories and their Britnat pals in Labour may block a Section 30 order but that isn’t the only way to call a referendum, nor is a referendum the only route to gauge the demand for Independence.  For instance, the next UK or Scottish General Election could be held on the basis that a vote for the SNP (and Greens) is a vote for Independence.  Then when a majority of Independence supporting parliamentarians are voted in we move to discussing terms.

This idea that the UK decides when countries under its umbrella can become independent is utter nonsense.  How many independent nations currently exist would still be under the control of their former ‘partner’ if this was the situation across the world.  I can’t remember Thatcher and co. telling the Baltic States that they couldn’t get independence until Russia agreed with them!

Lidington is simply showing the same arrogance of all British Nationalist politicians, to them Scotland is only a resource to be support their failing economic policies. The views of the people of Scotland mean nothing to them so why should we worry about getting their permission for our independence.

It’s the people of Scotland who will decide when we are independent, no one else. So, let’s get ourselves ready to reclaim our independence.  Start promoting the cause while highlighting the broken promises of 2014.  Stay positive, think what we could do with a new blueprint for a new Scotland, more fairness, better pensions, a benefit system that supports not punishes those in need, a thriving economy with a fairer taxation system (one which tackles tax dodging) and a better standard of living for all.

In contrast remaining in the UK will mean keeping the worst state pension in the developed world, the WASPI scandal which is delaying women getting their pension and the latest attacks on the older generation with scrapping of free bus passes, winter fuel allowance and free TV licences (for over 75s) and the removal of the pension triple lock.  Add in prescription charges, bedroom tax, the rape clause, tuition fees and massive cuts to public services as private companies start to pick apart the NHS and the rest of our public sector and you why we need to grasp our Independence.

Scotland can do and must do better but this can only be achieved with Independence. Let’s get out there and increase the support and the demand for our Independence.




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