Three Strikes and you’re out!


Or the Prime Minister Theresa May should be, but she’s still hanging on in (so far).

But the time is up. Not just for Theresa May and trying to save the UK from itself over Brexit. Theresa May has had her third knock back in a row from the House of Commons and it’s clear her Brexit deal will never be passed. The MPs in the House of Commons are split and can’t find any alternative solution that they can all agree on. They have run out of time – mainly because Theresa May was allowed to run down the clock, aided and abetted by Jeremy Corbyn and his ineffectual opposition.

It’s now clear that the UK is heading for a no deal Brexit despite all the dangers it brings to the economy, jobs and even supplies of basic foodstuffs and essential medicines. The UK is unwilling to be saved from itself, it’s time we walked away. I’m sorry for those in other parts of the UK who don’t have any other option, but we do.

That option is Independence.

We are all aware of the ramifications of a no deal Brexit so preparations must be made now for the people of Scotland to assert their desire for Independence. That can either be with another referendum or by having it as the main (or perhaps only) item on the SNP’s manifesto if another snap general election is called.

It’s time we stopped interfering in the politics of the UK and focus on the future for Scotland.

Indy nothing less dark


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