Yet more evidence of the Rigged EU Referendum

The Electoral Commission has fined the Vote Leave campaign £40,000 for sending out around 200,000 unsolicited text messages.  Vote Leave claimed they had the relevant permission but destroyed them after the referendum.  What a load of nonsense, every campaigner knows you have to keep records for a certain period of time and Vote Leave either ignored that or simply didn’t have permission to send out these text messages.

This is the latest in the long saga of electoral laws broken by the Leave Campaign.  From ignoring electoral laws to dodgy donations, this campaign team has managed to subvert the rules whenever they felt like it and are only now getting a small slap on the wrist!

It is clear that the EU Referendum was flawed, it was riddled with cheating yet UK politicians like Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn insist the result must be respected!  Any normal democracy would have cancelled the result of the referendum and held a full public enquiry into how a referendum could so easily be manipulated.

By allowing the decision of this referendum to stand the British establishment is clearly saying we don’t care if you cheat in a vote – as long as we get the result we want.

The only hope for Scotland is we get -and WIN – a new Independence Referendum as soon as possible.  There is no democracy in the UK.

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