The New Independent Group – Independent of whom?

It is very telling that the ‘New Independent Group’ formed of disaffected Labour and Tory MPs is claiming to be independent – but who are they independent from?

It is interesting to look at the set up of this new political grouping – because they are not yet a political party, so can’t claim to be one.  Unlike real political parties in the UK which have to declare where their funding comes from, they are registered as a private company based in a tax haven, allowing them to hide their donors from public scrutiny. Maybe not the wisest move if you want the public to support you, especially as tax havens are routinely used to avoid paying the tax which funds our public services – how could you trust this mob with the NHS, education or local government funding when they perpetuate this tax dodger mentality? I take it none of them would bother chasing the estimated £120 billion that the UK Chancellor is losing out on tax due to tax avoidance/ evasion such as the use of such tax havens!

It seems strange any new attempt at forming a political party would involve such levels of secrecy over its funding and it leads to concerns that they must have something to hide. Rumours are all over the internet that former PM Tony Blair has poured money into them – it’s maybe a sign of how poisonous any association with this millionaire, alleged war criminal is to anyone trying to capture the support of the public.

It also seems to have come as a shock to the members of this cabal that they would not be eligible for Short money – the additional funding given to opposition parties. The rules for such funding relies on either a number of MPs being elected as members of this grouping/ faux party or a number of votes being achieved at a general election. Since they refuse to hold any by elections and all of them contested the last general election as either Labour or Tory MPs then they will not qualify for Short money. This will result on them relying even more on their offshore bank account and their anonymous funders.

Of course, the secrecy over their funding also supports the rumours that the original Labour members of this clique wanted Scots Tory leader Ruth Davidson to lead them. Maybe it was nothing to do with her political views but more to do with her experience of the dark money circulating around Tory circles in Scotland!

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