Tories celebrating the Poverty they created

This weekend several Tory MPs in Scotland were issuing the same social media message about supporting their local foodbanks.  In photo after photo they smile to the camera as they stand in a Tesco store handing over a bag of shopping for their local foodbank.

These MPs have no shame. They support the policies which are driving people in their droves to foodbanks so that they and their families can survive from day to day.  Policies like the Rape Clause and Universal Credit are hurting individuals, families and communities.  Anyone moving onto Universal Credit this week (and anytime after) will not receive any financial support until after Christmas!  How are people meant to survive – especially as they see the rest of their communities celebrating the festive season.

As Mhairi Black MP pointed out, foodbanks are a sign that the welfare system is failing.  Once upon a time there was a social security system in place to support those who needed extra help, whether that was because they were out of work or had serious medical issues.  Yet successive Labour and Tory UK Governments have systematically attacked those who needed this support, they have been demonised with the assistance of the right-wing mainstream media while tax cuts have been handed out to the richest in society – all paid for by cuts to the support for the poorest in our community.

This isn’t even just cynical opportunism from these Tory politicians, it shows a complete lack of conscience and a total disregard for the harm that the policies they support are having on their own constituents.

The National highlights this issue, including the offending photos – or should that be the offending Tories in the photos?

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