Blues Guitarist Otis Rush dead

The world lost another blues legend last weekend with the passing of Otis Rush on Saturday 29th September.

Otis Rush 1Born in Philadelphia on 29th April 1935, Rush developed a distinctive guitar style with his sound becoming known as West Side Chicago Blues.

As a left-handed guitarist, Otis mostly played a right-handed guitar which was flipped over, resulting in the low E string being at the bottom of the fingerboard and the high E string at the top.  Rush felt that this contributed to his sound and highlighted this in a 1998 interview in Vintage Guitar (an excerpt is in the linked article below).

Rush was a contemporary of BB and Albert King and although he may not have achieved the same level of public recognition he was an inspiration to generations of blues/ rock guitarists including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Gary Moore.

The link below to Guitar Player  provides more details as well as some examples of Otis Rush’s unique style.

Otis Rush GP

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