Standing up for what you believe

Well done to Swedish student Elin Ersson who highlighted to the world how one person can make a difference.

Elin was on a flight from Gothenburg which also included an Afghan asylum seeker which the Swedish authorities were trying to deport.  While others may have murmured their disapproval or just looked the other way, this brave student decided to act.  She refused to sit down (knowing that the pilot cannot take off until all passengers are seated) until the Afghan man was removed from the flight – thus stopping, or at least delaying, his deportation.

Elin filmed her actions on her mobile phone and the footage of her successful protest went viral with even the mainstream media like the Guardian also now running the story.  According to the Guardian, Elin had bought a ticket for the flight from Gothenburg to Turkey on Monday morning, after she and other asylum activists found out that a young Afghan was due to be deported on it.   However, it turned out that he was not on the plane, but activists discovered another Afghan man in his 50s was onboard for deportation.

As she livestreamed her protest some other passengers became annoyed that their flight was being delayed but she held firm and succeeded in ensuring that the Afghan asylum seeker was removed from the flight.

As Elin put it:

“I am not going to sit down … he’s going to get killed … What is more important, a life, or your time?”

You can watch the video here:

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