Rock Legend coming to Paisley

Tony Iommi, lead guitarist of Black Sabbath is coming to Paisley as part of the Spree festival.  Iommi was one of the four original members of Black Sabbath and the only one to remain in the band since it was formed in 1969.

tony iommiHis surprise appearance at Paisley’s Spree Festival will take place in Paisley Town Hall on Friday 12th October where he will be interviewed by rock journalist Phil Alexander.  Iommi will give music fans the inside story of his career where he has played guitar for some of the most iconic signers in rock including Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan (although most Sabbath and ‘Purple fans prefer to forget that liaison).

I’ve already seen some of the interviews that Tony Iommi has done when he talks about his life in music and he provides an entertaining insight behind the scenes.

Iommi had to adapt his guitar playing when he lost the tips of two fingers in an industrial accident when he was 17, but encouraged by a workmate he let him hear the guitar style of Django Reinhardt (who had severely damaged his hand in a fire) Iommi didn’t give up.  He adapted his style of playing – iommi 2tuning his guitar down so that the string tension wasn’t so hard as well as using banjo string (they were lighter and easier to use) until guitar strings started to be made in lighter gauges. He developed a style and technique all of his own and was regarded by many, including Queen guitarist Brian May as the true father of heavy metal.  He is noted for his ability to invent guitar riffs, with Ronnie James Dio describing him as the ultimate riff master and Metal Hammer magazine awarding him the no.1 spot in their poll of Riff Lords in 2005.

tom russell 2I wasn’t going to miss this and have already grabbed my tickets and I wouldn’t be surprised if this show sells out relatively quickly.  My only slight disappointment is that the organisers didn’t seem to think of contacting our own local Rock DJ Tom Russell, who I’m sure has interviewed Tony many times from his Rock Show days in Radio Clyde or through his stint on Rock Radio.


The Spree (for tickets and more info):

Black Sabbath – Paraniod – with Ozzy

Black Sabbath – Heaven and Hell – with Ronnie James Dio

Black Sabbath – Digital Bitch – with Ian Gillan

… and don’t forget Tom Russell is on RockSport radio with his Saturday rock show – from 9pm until 1am; the podcast from his latest show is available here:

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