Another Hiccup for Mundell!

loch fyne gin
One of the many gins produced in Scotland but ignored by the Secretary of State for Scotland!

I don’t drink gin but I know someone who does.  They like to try as many as possible but particularly favour trying Scottish gins, after all Scotland now produces something like 70% of all the gins made in the UK.  You would think that many Scots would favour their local produce, after all it helps to promote jobs and the economy in Scotland.

However, there is one person which this doesn’t apply to, David Mundell MP – the Secretary of State for Scotland!  His department have been busily promoting Forest Gin – made in Macclesfield Forrest, Cheshire, England via their UK Government in Scotland social media channels.  They used to be the Scottish Office but that sounded to ‘nationalist’ for them so they had a quick rebrand (at taxpayers expense) to emphasis their role as part of the UK Government.

Surely Mr Mundell’s department – which was criticised for failing to intervene to save 450 jobs at the Youngs Pinney site in Annan while the UK Government gave the same company a grant to create 200 similar jobs in England – could have found at least one Scottish gin producer?  Are we now in the situation where a UK Government department which is meant to bring benefits to Scotland actually uses its time and resources to promote English competitors?

Yet again this will leave many people asking – what exactly is the point of David Mundell MP – and his ‘UK Government in Scotland’?


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