Devolution is Dead: Dissolve the Union

The past couple of days have highlighted the contempt in which Scotland is held by British Nationalist politicians. All the promises of the infamous Vow of 2014 have been abandoned as have the calls for Scotland to ‘lead not leave’ the UK.

The shambolic Brexit debate severely limited the time allowed to discuss the implications Brexit would have on Scotland’s devolved Parliament, allowing only 15 minutes to discuss the Tory Power Grab – 15 minutes which were then taken up by a Tory minister. Contrast this to the debate in 1998 when the Scottish Parliament Bill took over 350 days to debate within the House of Commons, yet those devolved powers have been clawed back in around 15 minutes. This isn’t some hypothetical situation – this is the Tory Government in Westminster now grabbing powers over farming, fishing, the environment, food standards and a host of other devolved issues. Scotland’s ban on GMO’s could go as could our blocking of Fracking – it will be up to a Tory Minister in London on how these, and many other, issues will be decided.

And when the SNP’s Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP asked the Speaker what options are available (referring to Scotland, devolution and the lack of debate) a Tory MP – Ian Liddell-Grainger – shouts out ‘Suicide’! That is the contempt in which our representatives, and in turn the people of Scotland, are held by the British Nationalists within Westminster.

SNP walkout
SNP MPs walkout of Westminster Parliament

The latest fiasco of the Speaker refusing to allow a division (vote) during Prime Ministers Question Time which sparked the walkout of the SNP (the 3rd largest party in Westminster) is treated merely as a stunt. Democracy is under attack. Scotland, which hasn’t elected a majority of Tories since 1955, is about to see it’s Parliament over-ruled by Westminster.

And what of Labour and the Lib Dems. As expected the Labour MPs sat on their hands and abstained – they sat back and let the Tories do as they wish – again! Corbyn is no saviour for the working class in either Scotland or the UK, he is no more than a Tory stooge, happy to play the role of opposition leader without having to oppose their policies!

As for the Lib Dems, surely the most bizarre reason for not backing the SNP’s defence of the Scottish Parliament was given by Jo Swinson MP who claimed that she was abstaining from voting as she couldn’t support the motion of the power grab as the Scottish Parliament was against it but couldn’t vote against it as it would mean denying the Welsh Assembly what they wanted! In case Jo Swinson has forgotten she is the MP for East Dunbartonshire – in Scotland, yet she seems to have more concern about what people in Wales want rather than her own constituents.

With devolution now in its death throes its time to up the campaigning to dissolve the union with Scotland and the UK.

The SNP has launched a petition to protect the powers of the Scottish Parliament – please click the link and sign this, as well as getting involved in local campaigns to persuade more voters that devolution is dead – we need our Independence Now!Hands Off Petition

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