Labour won’t save us from Tory rule, we have to do it ourselves

For anyone thinking that Jeremy Corbyn was going to rescue us from the Tories, it’s time to open your eyes. Some on the left who claim to support Scottish Independence were promoting Jeremy Corbyn as some sort of antidote to Tory rule.  It was the same old Labour tactic of give us another shot to make the UK a fairer country and then you won’t need that nasty independence.  But as time goes on it’s becoming clearer that Corbyn simply isn’t seen as an alternative to voters in England to the disastrous rule of Theresa May and until that happens there will be no Corbyn led UK Government.

grenfell towerDespite the daily fallouts over Brexit, the illegal bombing of Syria, the breast cancer scan mistakes in NHS England, the Windrush fiasco, lives lost at Grenfell, the massive rise in food banks (connected to austerity and especially Universal Credit), the WASPI women cheated out of their pensions – despite all this and more, courtesy of a Tory government clawing onto power via a dodgy deal with the DUP, Labour can’t make a breakthrough in the English local elections. The final results don’t show that Labour have the momentum to win a UK election.

Only one or two of the above political failures should have been enough to consign Theresa May and her Tory government to the political dustbin. However, as the official opposition in Westminster which refuses to oppose Tory policies, the Labour party is in turmoil. The Blairites will blame the Corbynistas and the Corbynistas will blame the Blairites and all the while the Tories implement whatever policy they wish.

Of course, many of us realise the answer to escaping Tory policies doesn’t lie with corbyn and nukesCorbyn or the British Labour Party. After all he is a British Nationalist in the same mould as their previous leaders. He may want different social policies but these will be paid for by Scottish oil revenues, and he’s the peace-loving party leader who voted to keep nuclear weapons on the Clyde.  Corbyn has as little interest in Scotland as previous British Labour party leaders and relies on the soundbites of the British Labour Party in Scotland with their sole policy of SNP Bad.  He is unaware of Scottish politics and has failed to pay any attention to what is happening in Scotland, his focus is solely on England.

If we want real change we have to demand it. It won’t come from any of the British parties, it will only come from campaigning for independence.

So, let’s start converting a few more of the Corbyn supporters who will hopefully now see the light, that he will not deliver us from Tory policies. Only we can do that by campaigning to have our own, independent Scottish Parliament.

indy march





Kelvingrove Park, Kelvin Way, Gibson Street, Eldon Street, Woodlands Road, St George’s Road, Sauchiehall Street, Elmbank Street, St Vincent Street, Pitt Street, West George Street, Blythswood Square (South), West George Street, Renfield Street, Union Street, Jamaica Street, Clyde Street, Bridgegate, Saltmarket, Glasgow Green.

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