Gibson guitars file for bankruptcy

This doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who was paying attention.  Gibson was in serious debt and the strategy of trying to turn it into some kind of consumer brand company failed miserably and even the reputation of their guitars suffered as the quality diminished.  Last gasp efforts like the modern flying V were doomed to failure.MDVEBPBN1_MAIN_HERO_01A previous article highlighted the debt problems facing Gibson but these were compounded recently by lawsuits between them and Tronical, the German company who designed the automatic tuning system (initially marketed as e-tune and then as G-force),  Tronical were claiming for $50 million and Gibson were countersuiing Tronical for a breach in their contract.

However, instead of a long history of what went wrong with Gibson and where we are now, let’s leave the last word to Glen Fricker of Spectre Media Group:


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